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With over 40 years' in the Print Industry, working through all the modern technologies in the pre press and reprographic developments from the late 70s to present day.

For the past 25 years, I have been supplying equipment and consumables to the Pre Press and Digital Printing Industry, working for a few Industry Leading Companies and latterly as a supplier in my own right.

I set up my own Company over 16 years ago, supplying Pre Press consumables for Conventional Printing as well as supplying a range of CtP Printing Plates. I also supplied new and refurbished CtP Platesetters.

As Inkjet Technology improved, I now supply Inkjket CtP to small format commercial printers as well as Inkjet Imaging Systems to Screen and Flexographic Printers.

Having a broad knowledge of Production Colour and Large Format Digital, I also supply proofing solutions, mainly from Epson, installed with appropriate RIP for colour control and proof consistency. These systems are also used for various other applications such as poster printing, point of sale, banner and pop up media. Once again the appropriate RIP will be supplied, dependent on the application.

In the past 2/3 years I have been involved more and more with the Print & Signage Market. I see this part of our industry being very progressive, with Wide Format Digital Solutions being able to produce a wide variety of work.

I now supply new and refurbished systems as well as a range of inks and consumables for this market.


Digital Colour Printers | Digital Print Supplies | Pre Press Equipment | Print Supplies


If you are considering introducing a digital solution to your Company, or upgrading your existing system, we would be pleased to discuss your situation, with a view to providing an independent appraisal.
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Large Format, Desktop Laser & Production Colour Systems. I have relationships with a variety of suppliers' who can provide best of breed products for all media, inks and toners for a complete range of products.
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For the past two or three years, we have been looking seriously at an entry level system for small offset. In our opinion, the solution that has come out on top in terms of cost and productivity, is the TUK.
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Inkjet Screen film is a polyester-based clear inkjet film for computer-to-film digital high density imaging using inkjet printers. System includes Delivery, Installation, Training & Support.
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Supply of all elements of Pre Press including Imagesetting Film & Chemistry, Analogue Plates & Chemistry. Also supply of CtP Plates from various manufacturers - Violet, Thermal, Processless & Chemistry Free.
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Since Vivid Laminating Technologies became a leading brand for their laminating products, I have been working with them as a distributor for their extensive range of systems.
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