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Since Vivid Laminating Technologies became a leading brand for their laminating products, I have been working with them as a distributor for their range of systems. The Vivid product range is extensive, and includes the short-run litho and digital Matrix Laminating and Foiling System as well the Easymount Wide Format product. Vivid are now a very successful Company, who now distribute through a network of worldwide dealers.





Product Overview:

  • The award-winning Matrix OPP roll film laminators are perfect for your world.
  • The best value single and double-sided thermal laminating machines on the market, they're simple to use, easy to maintain, quick and reliable.
  • The Matrix range is designed in-house by Vivid to help breathe life into your business by allowing you to provide your customers with a service you previously had to outsource.


  • Matrix systems are incredibly cost-effective, meaning you can now truly offer a one-stop shop for your customers.
  • You can avoid the costly trips and set-up charges of outsourcing to the print finisher on the other side of town. You can increase the service you offer and cut your expenses - all with no delays too.
  • Matrix offers you the ideal investment in finishing your digital and litho print work - on demand - for brochures, menus and business cards. 

The beauty of simplicity, the reliability of strength

  • Matrix laminators are made using the strongest parts available - they're reliable, simple to use and are capable of returning much more than your investment. 
  • Designed in-house, we can make sure that everything about them is aimed at helping you to do your job more efficiently. 

Multifunctional and Modular

  • The Matrix has been designed to be a truly modular system, offering many different finishing options. The Auto-Feeders can be retrofitted to all 370 and 530 Pneumatic and Duplex models, saving time and money by fully automating your workflow. The Flatbook Accessory enables Perfect Bound and PUR Bound book covers to be laminated both sides and stay perfectly flat, whilst the 4 Pneumatic systems in the range not only laminate, they can also add Foil and Spot UV effects to prints.


  • The best selling MX-370 and MX-530 are now also available with pneumatic rollers.
  • The Pneumatic Matrix delivers much faster production times compared to the standard systems. They can run up to twice the speed, so now printers can laminate their work even faster to get the job finished and back to the customer.






The new range of Easymount Sign Laminating Systems are the ideal finishing solution for sign makers and wide format print finishers.

With 4 entry-level systems to choose from, the Easymount Sign runs up to an impressive 5m a minute, making wide format lamimation in-house a cost-effective reality.

Laminate wide format prints, vinyl, signs, banners, reel-to-reel laminates, posters, pop-up displays, and much more.

The Easymount Sign models also allow you to apply vinyls, tapes and adhesive films, as well as mount prints to boards (up to 25mm in thickness). With new features as standard, including self gripping mandrels, an internal media take-up unit and a flip down feed tray for easier access to load film and media, the Easymount Sign systems in Heat Assist and Cold options are highly efficient, yet priced for the entry-level user.






EasyMount Wide Format Single Hot Range

The versatility of Easymount® laminators makes them incredibly cost- effective, meaning you can now truly offer a one-stop shop for print and finishing. The EasyMount Single Hot Roller range comes in format sizes from 1200mm to 1600mm.

The range includes everything from entry-level models for those still finishing jobs by hand, to professional heavy-duty models that will cope with every application all day everyday.



Laminating Films

Short-Run Laminating Films

I can supply a broad range of laminating films for both short-run digital systems in sizes from SRA3 (315/320mm) up to SRA2 (440/445mm) in popular lengths from 500m to 1000m. On the laminating systems capable of producing B2 (510mm) litho work, I can supply lengths up to 3000m.

Popular finishes such as Gloss & Matt as well as Silk are available as well is Digital Megabond, specifically for digital work when maximum adhesion is required.

Wide Format Laminating Films

A range of wide format cold laminating films can be supplied, Gloss, Matt, Crystal Matt, as well as special films for floor graphics and anti-graffiti. A variety of widths and weight are available on all these films.


Special Effect Films and Foils

Aqua Aura Special Effect Films and Foils

A range of coloured foils and films, including Spot UV-style and Glitter effects

Systems that add special effects during the finishing process give prints that extra 'wow' factor. These finishes are typically used on packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery and high end, bespoke print.

As well as laminating prints, the Matrix Pneumatic & Duplex Systems can also create beautifully finished work using Foils and Special Effect Films.

Special custom-made blocks or dies are normally required to create foiling effects. But with the Matrix, this is achievable due to the adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers.

The technology opens up a completely new revenue stream for Matrix users, saving both time and money compared to outsourcing. One-off bespoke jobs and print proofs can now be produced in-house in seconds.

Similar to traditional foiling methods, the process to create these on-demand effects works by using heat transfer technology, but at a fraction of the cost of producing individual dies.

With foils available in Silver, Gold, Copper, Red & Blue and a Clear Gloss Film to create Spot UV-style finishes, using just one system to laminate, foil and Spot UV offers an even greater return on investment, as multiple applications are possible.



Working with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of refurbished finishing equipment, we can supply the following range of products: